Prospective Families


St. Mary’s Catholic Schools are dedicated to providing a well-rounded vision of what it means to be within and deeply connected to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We accomplish this through three pillars of faith—spirituality, morality, and liturgy.


St. Mary’s integrates the faith of the Church in all aspects of study. By nurturing the faith of our youth in a holistic manner, we strive to integrate what the student studies with the lives they live both within and outside the walls of our hallowed institution. We challenge our students to be boys, girls, men and women of faith and outstanding character. Our desire in continuing the mission of our schools is to teach our students to use the gifts that God has given them for the good of the world, to teach others about faith, and to spread the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all whom they meet.


St. Mary’s hosts annual retreats for our Junior High and High School students. We also offer other faith-based activities throughout the school year involving liturgy, prayer services, and other service opportunities. These Activities afford our students the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God, their friendships with their classmates, and their respect and compassion for those who are disadvantaged and marginalized.


St. Mary’s provides a nurturing environment in which we aim to help all of our students discover their identity as a beloved son and daughter of God. In this way, St. Mary’s looks to the future of our world, recognizing the responsibility we have to Build our Future With Faith.