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Research shows that children need healthy meals to learn.  St. Mary's Schools participates in the Federal Lunch Program to provide healthy meals to students every day.

2021-2022 St. Mary's School Lunch Prices


Lunch prices at St. Mary's:

K-6 student: $2.65

7-12 student: 2.75

Adult: 4.00

Extra Milk: 0.55

Extra Entree: 1.65

*Note:  All student lunches are free for the 2021-22 school year.  This does not include extra milks or entrees, or adult meals.

*Please make all checks payable to St. Mary's Lunch Program.

Lunch account balances are available anytime on Sycamore.  Prompt payment of all lunch accounts is expected. Students of families with unpaid lunch bills in amounts greater than $50.00 will be required to bring their lunch from home until the account is in compliance with this policy.  


Please click below for information on the Federal Free/Reduced Meal Program.

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