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Fundraiser Request Forms



1 . Any class/group that intends to do fundraising must turn in a completed “Fundraising Goals” form for the school year and request form(s) for each proposed fundraiser.  These should be turned in to Jennifer at the Parish Office by August 15.

2. Please use a separate fundraising request form for each individual fundraiser.


3 . If you find that you need to have a fundraiser once the school year has already begun, you can fill out a fundraising request form at that time.  All requests need to be turned in at least 30 days in advance.  These requests may not  be given top priority as the schedule has already been laid out but they will be considered.


4. Fundraising requests will be reviewed and approved/denied based upon the need for the fundraiser, the ability of the fundraiser to make a worthwhile profit, and the  requested dates for the fundraiser as it

relates to other things that are scheduled.

5. Offer suggested dates/options, giving as much as leeway as possible so that we can work everyone in. You may want to check the calendar with either Judy or Jennifer.

6. Once it has been approved, you may begin to advertise the fundraiser.  Please consider publicizing in the church bulletin, daily announcements, social media.  All print publicity must be approved by  Jennifer BEFORE being distributed or posted. Remember that bulletins for the parish go to print on Tuesdays so you need to be ahead of the game.  Plan accordingly.

7.  All financial records from the fundraiser should be reported to the business office when the fundraiser is complete.

  • · With at least 24 hours notice, Cheleigh can have a money box available for you.  Call her at the parish office 336-1602 to request a box. You will need to come by the parish office that day, before 4 pm, to pick up the cash box. 

  • · All money that is turned into the office, whether through a money box or otherwise, should be counted and verified before submitting.  A counting sheet will be included in the cash box.  If you need extra copies, they can be picked up from the parish office or the high school office.

  • · At the completion of the fundraiser, please turn in the attached “Financial Record” form to the office. This includes expenses and income, and copies of receipts if you have items to be reimbursed. 

8. For those who are doing fundraisers for other groups such as the animal shelter, a family in  need, Hoops for Hearts, etc., there is a simplified fundraiser form to be turned in.  It still does affect our overall calendar, so it’s important that these are also approved. This DOES include fundraisers that are done during school hours such as breakfast pizza, donuts/cocoa, etc.

9.  Be sure to let people know how their contribution supported your group.

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