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Thank You for taking the time to visit us. We truly believe that once a Cardinal, always a Cardinal.  We feel it's important for our alumni to stay connected with each other and with the school regardless of how long ago you graduated. Your continued support and involvement in your alma mater allows us to continue to serve future generations.

Here are just a few ways that you can help us:

  • Attend an alumni event

  • "Like" the O'Neill St. Mary's Alumni page on Facebook

  • Be an ambassador for the school. Let people know that you are a St. Mary's alumnus and recommend the school to others. Alumni are great connections for prospective students and families.

  • Give to St. Mary's.  Your gift, no matter the size, is critical in the continued success of St. Mary's.  There are many ways to give, and you can check many of them out on "Support Our School" link.  The 12 x 12 Program is one very easy way to make a monthly donation - just $12 - that comes directly from the bank account of your choosing.  

  • Volunteer your time because it is just as important as supporting St. Mary's financially.

We hope that this site allows you to continue to make lifelong connections amongst our St. Mary's family. You are always welcome at St. Mary's/St. Patrick's for all of our events or just to stop by for a visit. If you are interested in stopping by or have any questions concerning alumni, please contact Development Director Jennifer Wallwey at or at 402-336-1602. 

Yearbooks and Newsletters

We have pdf scans of many classes yearbooks.  If you don't see your class, help us track it down!

The Class of 1969 did not have a yearbook.  They published a newspaper that is now a great piece of SMH History!

St. Mary's publishes a regular newsletter to keep you up to date on what is happening at St. Mary's!

History of St. Mary's Academy from 1896-1949

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