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Annual Alumni Weekend 2023
June 23-24, 2023

This year’s Alumni Weekend will be held Friday June 23 & 24. Our honor classes this year are 2013 (10 years), 1998 (25 years), and 1973 (50 years.)  Each year, the alumni weekend is to be arranged by the honor classes. The 25 year class (1998) handles the banquet decorations, speaker, and clean up.  The 50 year class (1973) is in charge of the mass. The 10 year class (2013) is responsible for the social before the banquet dinner.   Please contact Peg Gray at 402-340-4308 to make sure arrangements are lined up, and she will get you details.  Please Note:  If your class would like to make special arrangements for seating together or assistance with finding a place for other gatherings—please do not hesitate to call the parish office at 402-336-1602 or Peg Gray at 402-340-4308. 


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