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Elementary School:

  • Dress: Dress as a Community Member Day (Doctor, Business Person, Farmer, Nurse, etc)
  • Service Project: Make Cards in the Morning, deliver to businesses in the afternoon @ 1:30 PM

**Home and School to serve hot chocolate and donuts at 8:00 AM**


High School (Sponsored by Drexel House):

  • Dress:  Irish Gear/Green and Jeans
  • Activity (7th Pd):  Kan Jam in the Gym

**Home and School to serve donuts**



Elementary School:

  • Dress:  Favorite T-Shirt/Sweatshirt with Jeans
  • Activity:  Bowling (K-3 @ 1:00 PM, 4th-6th @ 9:45 AM)


High School (Sponsored by Bosco House):

  • Dress:  Neon Colors and Sweatpants or Jeans.
  • Activity (6th Pd):  One Legged Run in the Gym



Elementary School:

  • Dress:  Red, White, and Blue w/ Jeans
  • Activity:  Dance @ 2:40 - 3:10 PM


High School (Sponsored by La Salle House):

  • Dress:  Red, White, and Blue (America) with Jeans
  • Activity (5th Pd):  Lip Sync Battle Between the Houses in the Gym



Elementary School:

  • Dress:  Black and White (Dress Pants, Sweats, etc)
  • Activity:  Skit Practice @ 2:10 PM


High School (Sponsored by Siena House):

  • Dress:  Dress for Your Future Career (No PE Teachers/Athletes!)
  • Activity (4th Pd):  Human Foosball



Elementary School:

  • Dress:  Class Shirts with Jeans
  • Activity:  Skits


8:05 AM Mass

9:15 AM Students Present Their Skits (Parents are invited to attend)

11:15 AM Dilly Bars for Students and Staff

11:30 AM Dismissal


High School:

  • Dress - House Shirt Day with Jeans


8:05 AM Mass

9:00 AM Gym Activity

9:50 AM Bible Jeopardy in the Parish Hall

11:15 AM Dilly Bars for Students and Staff

11:30 AM Dismissal


The Journalism Class Needs Your Help!

The Journalism class is in need of more pictures for the yearbook of Junior High Football, Junior High Girls and Boys Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Girls Golf, Homecoming Dance and Royalty, and Snowball Dance and Royalty. If you have any pictures from these activities that you would be willing to share, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance!


2016 Snowball Royalty Court

(L-R): Jacob Pongratz, Spencer Jarman, Prince Casey Vandersnick, King Marcus Schneider, Queen Jayde Rosenkrans, Princess Riley Sibbel, Kendra Kozisek, Paige Tomjack, Brooke Benson, Not Pictured: Zac Wiese

Crown Bearers: Brogen Semin and Jaylee Lueken


Last Chance to Order St. Mary's Jackets

The St. Mary's Junior Class is putting in ONE LAST ORDER of the quarter zip pullover jackets as a fundraiser for prom. The jackets come in sizes XS-4X and are $45 each. The school logo is on the left chest and personalization is available on the back shoulder. The jackets are made of 100% knitted polyester. 

If you are interested in purchasing a jacket, please contact a member of the Junior Class, Miss Ginter or Mrs. Spader by JANUARY 29th, 2016. All checks can be made payable to St. Mary's School. 



SMH Students Named to First Semester Honor Rolls

Principal's Honor Roll

Front Row (L-R): Grant Winkelbauer, Isaiah Wiese, William Otte, Hailey Eiler, Abby Everitt, Presley Pribil, Faith Kozisek, Ansley Kramer

Back Row (L-R): Zac Wiese, Paige Tomjack, Logan Connot, Josh Cuddy, Ashley Everitt

Not Pictured: Paula Zakrzewski

 Alpha Honor Roll

Sitting (L-R): Sydney Hupp, Besty Crumly, Brooke Benson, Katie Pongratz

Kneeling (L-R): Jayde Rosenkrans, Ellery Butterfield, Rylie Pistulka, Allie Krotter, Emily Pongratz, Paige Gaughenbaugh, Riley Sibbel, Tracy Chvala, Abby Hedstrom

Standing (L-R): Kendra Kozisek, Will Atkeson, Pete Blumenstock, Andrew Thompson, Jake Crumly, Taylor Colman, River Kramer, Hattie Blumenstock, Marcus Schneider, Kim Schneider, Grady Semin, Claire 
Everitt, Jacob Pongratz, Casey Vandersnick

Not Pictured: Breanna Hedstrom 

Beta Honor Roll

Front Row (L-R): Connor Semin, Alexa Shald, Sybil Scofield, Mariah Fahrenholz, Karissa Nichols, Brianna Bauer, Codi Fehringer, Vera Butterfield

Back Row (L-R): Lawson Hofer, Dawson Kilcoin, Jacob Wiese, Jared Atkeson, Zach Crumly, Cole Gaughenbaugh, Cole Rosenkrans, Amy Schmitz, Kaylee Harvey

 Meritus Honor Roll

Front Row (L-R): Matt Schneider, Grant Tomjack, Jadyn Eby

Back Row (L-R): Taylan Reiser, Faha Bobodzhanov, Kevin Butterfield, Jack Reiman, Jack Krotter

Not Pictured: Agdaly Sanchez