Tuition Information


St. Mary’s Catholics Schools continues to operate due to the generosity of many people in our parish, schools and community. Because the parish in large part subsidizes the operation of the schools, we are able to keep tuition low. In fact, St. Mary’s tuition is the LOWEST tuition of any private school in the Archdiocese of Omaha.


For academic year 2019-2020:


Jr. High/High School tuition: $3200

All Book, Tech & Cardigan fees are eliminated.

Grade School tuition : $1750

Bus fees:

JH & HS for each sport : $50
Activity fee (cheer, one acts, etc.) : $50


St. Mary’s also offers Preschool:

Preschool Program: 3 days/week intended for 3-4 year olds NOT entering Kindergarten the following year: $135/month

Prekindergarten Program: 4 days/week intended for 4-5 year olds entering Kindergarten the following year: $160//month

For families with more than one student, St. Mary’s currently offers a 50% discount for each student beyond the first. That discount is figured “per school.” In other words, it only applies to the second student you would have in high school, or the second student in grade school. If you were to have one student in each school, no discount would apply.


St. Mary’s, and by extension, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, which operates and subsidizes St. Mary’s, is committed to the belief that no child, regardless of their families social status, financial status, race, or beliefs should ever be denied a faith-filled education. As such, St. Mary’s provides multiple opportunities for financial aid. St. Mary’s operates a Grant-in-Need program for those families who struggle financially. Applications are available through the school office and grants awarded are deducted from any tuition due.


St. Mary’s also offers a work-study program for any students in junior high or high school. Eligibility is determined on a per-case basis. This program is managed by the President of the school.


At the end of each academic year, St. Mary’s awards both need-based scholarships and merit-based scholarships to a large number of our students. These scholarships are provided through the generous sponsorship of parishioners, families and alumni. Scholarships awarded are deducted from any tuition due the following year.

For more information on tuition, fees and financial aid, please call the Parish Center at 402-336-1602.