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Support Us Through Giving

St. Mary's Catholic Schools relies strongly on the generosity of members of our school, alumni, St. Patrick's Parish and members of our greater community.  Working with many entities within our parish and school, our Development Director Jennifer Wallwey oversees overall fundraising and development efforts.  Past efforts have resulted in a financially stable school, with a significant foundation that provides financial support to our yearly budgets. 

Each year, St. Mary's offers both merit-based scholarships, and need-based grants to help with the cost of education.  St. Mary's is committed to the belief that no child should be denied a Catholic education because of financial hardship. If you would like to give a scholarship or grant for a St. Mary's student, contact Jennifer by email or call her at 402-336-1602.  Gifts can be made at anytime of the year, but a special program is held in May at the end of the school year.  We encourage you to consider giving a gift in honor of or in memory of a loved one.  It is a beautiful tribute to someone special!​


We now have the ability to accept ONLINE GIFTS!  Follow the link below for our giving opportunities!  


Scholarships & Grants

St. Mary's has been blessed by the generosity of so many people who have continued to support our school and its faith-based education. Your financial support enables us to continue to provide a quality, Christian education at an affordable level, by assisting with tuition expenses for many of our students and families. As we strive to advance with the current times, we still work to maintain a tuition that will be affordable.


One way to make a very REAL difference in a student's life is to give money towards Scholarships & Grants to offset the costs of St. Mary's tuition. Through St. Mary’s Scholarship & Catholic Education Grant Program, as well as two larger estates that were established several years ago, we have been able to offer tuition assistance to many of our families, both for academic excellence (scholarships) and for those who are in need of financial assistance (grants).  Last year, over $20,000 was given to students as scholarships, and nearly $53,000 was given in the form of grants.  In fact, 47% of our families receive some form of financial support every year.


You can find more specific details on the grants & scholarships that are offered here. We have not yet determined how we will present the scholarships as it is normally done in May before school is out, but we will publicly recognize each student for their award as well as list the donors as we have in the past.  It really is a wonderful way to honor a loved one through a gift to this program.

Will you help another student continue their education at St. Mary’s? If you would like to direct your gift specifically to a certain academic area, please indicate that. 


Download & Print Form Here

We do ask that this form and the money be in to the parish office May 6. 

Once again, on behalf of our school, administration, staff, and school families, thank you very much for your support of St. Mary’s Scholarship and Catholic Education Grant Program. Your financial gifts are deeply appreciated by our students and parents.


St. Mary's has been fortunate to maintain foundation accounts which provide financial growth and stability. Without these accounts and the very generous people who have contributed to them, it would not be financially feasible for to operate St. Mary's Catholic Schools.

Through the generosity of the estates of alumni like  Mona Shelton & Madeline Ullem, scholarship endowment accounts have been established to provide financial assistance to families who would not be able to attend St. Mary's otherwise. 


Donations to these foundations and endowments are needed to maintain the viability of our school and the promise that no one would be turned away from St. Mary's because of an inability to pay.  Gifts to these accounts and scholarship endowments are graciously accepted anytime.  Please contact the parish office at (402) 336-1602 for further information or to make your gift.

Booster Club

St. Mary's Booster Club strives to support the activities and athletic programs within the St. Mary's Catholic Schools system.  We strive to maintain the strength and viability of the following school programs by building a long lasting foundation of availability and accessibility: 

  • Football

  • Volleyball

  • One Acts

  • Speech

  • Wrestling

  • Basketball

  • Track

  • Rodeo

  • Cooperative Sports with O'Neill Public Schools

    • Cross Country

    • Golf

    • Softball 

To financially supplement and support our many school activities we engage in fundraising efforts through the following events:

  • Cardinal Club Ticket Sales

  • Membership Drives

  • Community Entertainment

  • Lenten Fish Fry

  • Concessions at various venues

  • Sponsorship of Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments


Membership is open to all St. Mary's families, St. Mary's fans, and anyone in the community with an interest in supporting these programs. 
The St. Mary's Booster Club elects officers to fill the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Meetings are held monthly throughout the school year. 

St. Mary's Booster Club is very appreciative of the time, talent and treasure offered through family gift memorials and sacrificial giving of many alumni and present day parents.

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