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Welcome to our new website!

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Welcome! Over the summer, I have completely redesigned St. Mary's website. One of the things with technology is that as it expands and grows, what was good at one point becomes outdated very quickly. We were due for an upgrade.

You will see the website divided into four major categories: current students, prospective families, alumni and supporting our school. We want the website to stand out as not just a tool for current families and students, but also as an important first point of interaction for new families. I tried to capture in photos, that have been generously provided by many teachers and parents, all the greatness that happens at St. Mary's!

One last goal, is for the website to be easily integrated with social media. A large amount of communication takes place on Facebook and other platforms. On the bottom of the home page you will see a "News and Announcement" section. Not only will this section have our daily news, but it will also present an opportunity for our students and teachers to post articles updating us on what is happening at St. Mary's every day.

Hope you enjoy the new site!

Fr. Sund

Associate Pastor, Director of Campus Ministry, Resident Nerd.

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