How is St. Mary's Unique?

St. Mary’s School is a Catholic parochial school in the Omaha Archdiocesan school system which serves as a center for Christian education within St. Patrick’s Parish, the O’Neill community and surrounding area.


St. Mary’s has demonstrated over a century of Catholic Tradition, Academic and Athletic Excellence, and has produced hundreds of graduates. St. Patrick Church supports St. Mary’s Schools through endowments, scholarships, and various activities.


The philosophy of education of Saint Mary’s School is to provide an opportunity for our youth to grow spiritually, intellectually, culturally, physically and emotionally in order that they may be better prepared to live a life of service as Catholic citizens of their community and country. St. Mary’s believes in providing quality education in a Christian setting. The educational program is geared to develop a life of ever deepening personal relationship with God. This involves living with others in a Christian way, developing the skills necessary for daily living and instilling in students attitudes of concern for their fellow human beings.


The curriculum of St. Mary’s Schools is intended to be comprehensive enough to provide educational opportunities for the youth of the O’Neill area. St. Mary’s includes in its program a combination of Catholic doctrine, moral motivation and spiritual experiences that allow the youth the opportunity to develop strong faith and Christian principle.