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Student Dress Code

The school dress code will be a point of emphasis for faculty, staff, students, and parents.

Students are to ARRIVE at school dressed and groomed according to school policy. First period PE students may come dressed for PE class but should still be groomed properly upon arrival.


Please contact the school if you have any questions concerning student dress.



  • Plain white or red, long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts with polo collar. All red or white polos issued by St. Mary’s with the school logo are also acceptable. Only red polos will be allowed in the Grade School.

  • Shirts must be properly buttoned (Minimum bottom two buttons) and must be tucked into the pants (Shirts that are too short to tuck are not acceptable).

  • It is recommended that short-sleeve t-shirts worn under the uniform shirt be plain white. Long-sleeved shirts cannot be worn under the short-sleeved uniform shirts.

  • Students must wear the uniform polo every day except on Cardinal Pride Days or other special dress days.



  • Grade School - solid navy blue; High School only khaki slacks or walking shorts. Shorts must be mid-thigh or longer in length. Slacks may be corduroy, but not denim.

  • Shorts are not allowed from November 1 through the first day of spring.

  • Extreme low-rise slacks/shorts are not allowed.

  • Slacks/shorts must not be faded, must not have holes or rips, must be of appropriate size, and be worn properly.

  • No cargo pants/shorts, painter pants, jeans, denim, spandex, slicks, stretch pants, leggings, or pants with stirrups will be allowed.


SKORTS (Grade School Only)

Girls in grade school may wear solid navy blue skorts of appropriate length. During the winter months, black or white tights must be worn under the skorts.



  • The official red sweatshirt with St. Mary’s logo, available through Stadium Sports, and other red sweatshirts with an approved St. Mary’s logo or issued by a St. Mary’s team/organization is acceptable provided it is not hooded. Please place your child’s name on the label. You may also have the back of the sweatshirt embroidered with your child’s last name.

  • Only RED non-hooded sweatshirts are allowed on regular dress days.



During cold weather students may wear a heavy coat of their choice when outside of the school building. Within the school, gym, cafeteria, commons, and church ONLY the following outerwear is permissible.


  • Red Saint Mary’s Sweatshirt

  • School Cardigan

  • Letter Jacket

  • Other school issued outerwear approved by the administration


Students wearing outerwear that is not within our policy will be asked to remove it. Students will be issued a demerit for a second offense. Students will be issued a demerit and have the garment sent to the office for subsequent offenses. The administration will determine when the garment will be returned to the student. To avoid issues students should not come to school with sweatshirts/outerwear that does not conform to our policy.



All junior and senior students are issued the school cardigan. School cardigans may be required dress for select school events. In addition, it is requested by the administration that students representing St. Mary’s away from O’Neill consider using their cardigans. Whenever students dress in formal attire and ties, coaches/moderators are encouraged to consider requiring the school cardigans as well.



Belts are required in grades 6–12. Belts must be solid black or brown leather only and of appropriate length. No cloth, rope, metal, or fabric belts are allowed.


  • Acceptable shoes include athletic shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes or sandals that have a heel strap. All shoes must be worn in the proper manner. Shoes that tie must be tied.

  • Tennis shoes or other athletic shoes with a non-marking sole are preferred for grade school

  • Socks may be solid white, black, navy, grey, red, or khaki and are a required part of the uniform for both regular and Cardinal Pride Dress Days.

  • Ladies wearing casual boots must wear pant legs over the top of the boots. Boots may not be worn with shorts.

  • (Grade School Only): In the winter, it will be necessary for your child to bring snow boots to school every day. Our playground is dirt and it turns to mud with any moisture. Please help keep our carpets clean! If you are unsure about the type of boot you are bringing, please check with your student’s teacher for clarification.



  • All students are to have their hair well groomed.

  • Young men are to be clean-shaven (no beard or mustache). Sideburns shall not extend below the earlobe. Young men will be sent to the office to shave when necessary and a demerit will be issued. Subsequent violations of this policy will result in further disciplinary action.

  • Young men’s hair must be short enough to be off of the collar, off of the ear, and above the eyebrows. Extreme hairstyles and hair color will not be tolerated. Students will receive one warning and then given two days to comply. If the student does not comply, the student will be sent home, unexcused, until his hair is cut to meet the school’s guidelines.

  • Young women may wear their hair cut short, but extreme hairstyles and hair color will not be allowed. Extremes in make-up will not be tolerated. Bandanas and other scarf like hair accessories are not allowed.



  • Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to the following; piercing of eyebrows, lips, tongue and nose. Body piercing is not encouraged and must not be visible during regular school hours or during any St Mary’s activity or event; whether as spectator or participant.

  • Earrings are not allowed for male students during school or at any school function including dances.

  • Tattoos are not encouraged and must not be visible during regular school hours or during any St. Mary’s activity or event (as spectator or participant).



  • Cardinal/House Pride Days may be held at least one day each full week of school; usually coinciding with an athletic event or other school activity. All Cardinal/House Pride Days will be posted to the official school calendar.

  • Students may wear appropriate blue jeans, or denim shorts (when in season)

  • A school T-shirt, uniform shirt, or other St. Mary’s issued shirt maybe worn. Your shirt must celebrate the school or one of its organizations. Shirts must be red, white, black, or gray and the writing/graphics must be predominantly in school colors – except for House issued shirts.

  • St. Mary’s hooded sweatshirts (hoodies) are allowed along with regular St. Mary’s sweatshirts.

  • No athletic wear or athletic apparel such as gym shorts, warm-ups, etc., is allowed.

  • Shoes/socks must still conform to the school policy


Teams and organizations are to follow the school dress code during the school day. Varsity Football players may wear their game jerseys with the dress code pant on game days. The dress code may be altered at the discretion of the administration for special events/circumstances.



All students and their guests/escorts who participate in the yearly school dances (homecoming, prom, and sweetheart dance) shall be properly attired for the event or they will be turned away. Young men are to wear slacks with a belt and a collared shirt, preferably with a tie and shoes (No jeans and no earrings). Girls’ dresses should be modest with coverage of the midriff and cleavage and not excessively tight or short.



All seniors are required to provide the school office with at least three head and shoulder senior poses and one baby picture. The senior pose will be used for the yearbook, composite and video. The pose must be one in which it is a head and shoulder shot. Boys should have a collared shirt and tie, and the girls should have one in which the shoulders and cleavage is covered. The baby picture will be used for the Senior Breakfast video presentation. Seniors will be informed of the deadlines for these requirements by the yearbook advisor and the senior class advisor. Students will not be excused from school to have senior pictures taken.



  • The school uniform will be worn for Mass unless specified otherwise.

  • Only approved red Saint Mary’s outerwear is to be worn at mass by all students

  • Those called to minister, as a Lector or EMHC, will wear school Cardigans.



In case you may be called upon to volunteer, any mandated EMHC or Lector should come to the church properly dressed. This would include slacks, skirt or dress that is below the knees for girls and slacks, belt and collared shirt for the boys. Ties are always preferable for boys. Proper dress shoes should be worn. Old jeans, shorts or sandals would be unsatisfactory in the Oval Office or in an audience with the Holy Father at any time of the year; therefore, always include proper clothing to be part of your reverence for the Mass at which you encounter the living God and serve him and his people. Your proper attire is part of your adoration and service.



Formal attire is expected. All young ladies, both our students and students’ escorts must have their shoulders covered with a shawl or other accessory during the Mass.



The expected dress code will be specified/enforced by the teacher, coach or activity sponsor with the approval of the administration.

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