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St. Mary's Academics​


For over 100 years, St. Mary’s Catholic Schools (previously St. Mary’s Academy) has been committed to forming young men and women in a foundation of academic excellence. As we form the future of our society, be they doctors, farmers, nurses, veterinarians, lawyers, teachers or priests, we recognize the responsibility we have to our families to ensure that their children are prepared to face a world that constantly changes. Thus, our school looks beyond the years our students will be present here, to their future.


St. Mary’s embodies a holistic model of education: academics, spiritual life, social life, emotional maturity and physical well being. The faculty and administration work together to meet each student’s unique leaning needs. We are also the only parochial high school in Holt County to offer college preparatory courses.


St. Mary’s is dedicated to challenging our students to grow beyond their own perceived abilities. We want our students to be more than good—we want our Cardinals to be great! Students who graduate from St. Mary’s can count on being prepared to enter into and succeed in post-secondary education.